The ORC Cars, Part 2

Two of the other pedestrians who stopped to talk about the Dino couldn’t believe that the owner had left the sunroof open. “In New York?” they’d say, or ” “Before, man, you could never do that.”


air scoop sucks in 1979 air, gas tank fills with 1979 gas

The car had me dreaming that this was not at 31 year-old car, but rather it was brand new, parked in 1979 on the corner of Allen and Delancey. It still would’ve been the bargain district back then, but maybe a little bit outside of where people would normally go. A little on the fringe, a little bit Taxi Driver.

looking into Chinatown, looking into 1979

Part of what is great about automobiles is that they are machines of transportation. When we enter a car, we enter a different world. Our brains run differently, seeing the world blurred. You can talk about road rage, or cars as a sort of Fortress of Solitude, but at the root of it all, cars transport us to different places, different mindsets. Even when it is standing still, this Ferrari Dino reminds the people walking by of the rougher decades gone by. One person who had seen this car before told me that M. Renaud-Clément once left the keys in the ignition. It was safer that way, she said. So many people clamored around to look at the nice car with the keys still in that no one could’ve stolen it.

Automobiles as hyperspace modules. The alternate dimension of the world at speed. A Ferrari creates in the mind fantasy, memory. Seeing 1979 reflected on its sheetmetal, people walking by follow its lines drawn out in motion and they travel through time and space.

checking for TIE fighters before jumping to hyperspace

behind are the star destroyers

Chewie punches it

in Bertone’s time-travelling spaceship

non-linear movement, warping the visible spectrum


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