1970 Cadillac Calais

Caught a glimpse of four headlights last night while on a walk through the East Village and went out hunting today for this 1970 Cadillac Calais two-door hardtop.


By the time I packed up and finished shooting the car, flurries of snow were just beginning to whirl about – the light was just great for catching the gleam emanating from the brightwork and the shifting reflections on the new metallic paint.

Again – this Cadillac has what I love most in cars for photography: strange details to hone in on and extended, raised sections to form lines and angles in a frame.

The backdrop, a big brick public school looked great alongside the Caddy, and the sidewalk didn’t just shine against the car, but also attracted ┬ásome colorful comments from passers-by.

More space in the trunk than my apartment!

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2 Responses to 1970 Cadillac Calais

  1. alex zhik says:

    thats my car haha i was bugging when i saw this, good that you like it man

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