What Fast Looks Like: Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Much as I might say “this is what bro looks like”, this is really what fast looks like.

From what Ive seen of folks on Houston and Bowery, this car is all about driving real slow then pulling away with unexpected speed and unexpected noise

The dished wheels with all those black spokes, the expensive looking paint on an expensive looking car – they all conspire to make today’s look of fast.

Wanna go slow? Buy a Chevy and go ridin in your old school. Wanna look fast (rich)? Buy this Aston and pull your cap down low sitting in that leather and crystal cocoon.

there are two popular kinds of fast – there is the leather lined, complex curved brashmobile half-trying to be subtle, and there is the stripped bare, blaring little rocket, modified and bone-shakingly hard.

There are all kinds of fast – top speed is relative and 60 miles per hour in a 1980s beater feels plenty rapid, as does 0-35 does in a sports car like this. There are thousands of Mustangs and 1990s Celicas out there, for instance, that tear up America’s highways and byways. This Aston has a very specific message of having money to spend on the authority, excess, and pleasure of speed, as manifested in a aerodynamic look and a racy exhaust. Lost of different looks of fast out there, but this is definitely one that registers very quickly on today’s streets.

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