Citroën BX Leader 1982-1986

I don’t know if this is too much information, but I had to pee so bad when I was taking these pictures.

Most of the time I just love cars – there is so much to take in from every one that I see, but there are times when I feel that cars themselves abuse my adoration, exploit my obsession.

This is an early-80s Citroën BX. It is, for reasons beyond my comprehension, a “Leader” edition, and “Leader D” at that. I don’t know what this really translated to in terms of accessories or optional extras fitted to the car, but it does kind of make the thing look that little bit more like a prop from some contemporary Star Wars ripoff.

Let’s draw our cars to look like intergalactic escape pods! – someone must have said at Citroën design studios.

But you see, I took these pictures about a 20 minute walk away from my apartment in Berlin. I’d gone on a long walk that whole morning to go out and find cars and I started to head home when I knew I’d have to pee pretty damn soon.

I can’t remember if I had actually gotten some nice pictures of other cars before finding this Citroën or if it had been an especially dry morning, but something utterly compelled me not to leave this car behind without taking any pictures to remember it by. I just had to pee so bad – it was getting worse and worse – I was running around the car, trying to get all the good angles done, wanted to leave, but there’d be one more little detail after another that would call to me, demand a picture.

It turns out that en français, 'leader' sounds a lot like 'laideur', which means ugly. Good job Ctiroen!

And so I was darting around, a complete idiot, shaking up and down trying not to pee myself until I gave up, ran into the bushes at the end of the block and just let loose right there. And so, walking back to the car, half shamed / half proud, I took a few parting pictures and wandered home, feeling a little bit that the chintzy timepiece of ’80s hatchback had taken advantage of me.

Seeing and remembering how rushed this shots were makes me thing of how objects can have power over a person, how readily obsesion can manifest, and how one must be mindful that passions can so unconsciously create disruptions. Still, I can look at these pictures and recall my zitternde hands and know that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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2 Responses to Citroën BX Leader 1982-1986

  1. Ben Orlove says:

    What anthropologist is not familiar with this dilemma of seeking to use a unique moment to gather data and of a growing personal need? Many notebooks contain words that show that the recorder’s hands were also zitternd…

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