Die Sinfonie der Großstadt

Can you see a bit of pride in the eyes of this Manta? A little shame for the boisterous boy-racers that its fellows on the assembly line have become? There is some more grace to this Manta’s narrow frame, and how the rear draws into a bit of a fish tail. The vinyl roof and the unrestored brown paint is a real throw to 1970s authenticity, rather than ’80s glitz in the turquoise car. I don’t know for sure which car I’d rather have – the perhaps too serious brown car (a real representative of Berlin Mitte – I spied the appropriate neighborhood magazine resting on the passenger seat) or the clownish blue (much more a native of Friedrichshain, where I found it). I don’t doubt that both drivers are Mantafahrern in some sense, and I love finding them both in the same city.



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