1983 Audi Coupe GT 5E


remnants of the tape stripe era

deutsche Coupes

German Greyness

Warum wuerde er gekauft?

Retro-cool oder alter, billiger Sportler?


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2 Responses to 1983 Audi Coupe GT 5E

  1. Ben Orlove says:

    The first photo has strikingly different lighting from any other photos you’ve posted, at least the ones that I’ve seen. It pulls me in. I like the way that parts of the car are in deep shadow, the echoes of the window frames with the car, and all the tones of blue. These all bring out the overall design of the car in a simple, powerful way.

    • Raphael Orlove says:

      Sometimes the drawing-board design sketches of a car can shine out completely removed from the realities of a car in a certain light, or with dents and scratches. Really high contrast helps show those metaphysical lines.

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