The “Gentlemen” Chevy, part 2

I would just like to say that when I wanted a shot for the underside of this massive land-train, I just sat down on the ground and scooted under the whole thing.


No stooping, no lying down, no crawling. I fit underneath. I was utterly, utterly amazed. Well, flabbergasted is probably a more fitting word, as I couldn’t quite say just what it was about this lifted truck that was so stupefying. I guess I still can’t, but I’m stupefied. Is this love?

I don’t understand it, I don’t think I like it, I don’t think I’d ever want to live with it. The thing is definitely overkill, but I almost think that it’s too much overkill, like it spun around the crazy dial. In this day and age, it looks to pseudo-military to me, but that it is so may miles over the top, especially with its “restrained” black and chrome color scheme and “classy” script on the rear window that says “gentlemen” on it. Gentlemen! Gentlemen? The mind reels.

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