1973 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and 1979 Lady D

The Cadillac, from the perhaps bittersweet year of 1973, was taken on East 13th Street. The song, “Lady D” as performed by Lady D herself comes from 1979 and was taken from the peerless Last Days Of Man On Earth. Big surprise her dream man drives a Mercedes?


my telephone number he had wanted from me
I said 469-(ah)123 /
Well he wrote it down with no hesitation
I was hoping that he’d take it as an invitation /
Well he called my house around 10 that night
And I felt that everything was falling just right /
We talked for about 20 minutes a time
You see I told him all that was on my mind /
I said since we met I’ve been checkin ya out
and I just have to see what you’re all about /
he said “Baby love I’m not like the rest,
because what I’m made of is nothing but the best. /
What separates me from the other guys
is personality that can socialize. /
Now I can treat you like no other man,
Because nooone can do it like Eddy can. /
Now what I have in mind is a little plan
about going out, and I hope you can, /
because while we’re together on our date
we can get a relationship goin’ straight.” /
Then I said maybe we can give it a chance
because what can happen but a little romance? /
“Then I’ll see you later Miss Foxy Lady,
I’ll be pickin ya up in a blue Mercedes.” /
Well that Friday evening heard at the door
was a blue Mercedes I did adore. /
Well I got inside, and we were on our way
I told him how much I liked his o.j.¹ /
Then we went uptown to check out the sound
I got the car and I looked around /
I saw a sign that was on the door
It said welcome to Studio Fifty-Four

For Reference

1. O.J. refers to a big car, slang that started off from O.J. Simpson doing commercials for Hertz, driving big Fords and Lincolns.

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