Autofrei does not promote smoking: Autocar roadtest of the 1966 Toronado

While I admit to being completely won over by the looks of early Toronados and captivated by their unpromoted engineering, I think I am more interested than smitten. For instance: according to this 1966 Autocar road test of a first-year Toronado, there really isn’t anything mechanical ahead of the front wheels. The long front overhang, made unnecessary by the more space-efficient Unitized Power Package front-wheel drive/engine/transmission combination was only there for the aesthetics. I kinda love the Toronado for that, even if it doesn’t make me want one. Moreover, while I foster no dreams of being the kind of big shot, personal luxury guy of 1966 to whom this Toronado would have been marketed, I do love seeing that it doesn’t have a cigarette lighter, but rather a cigar lighter. Dig that ’60s style!


For Reference:

I got this Autocar test of the ’66 Toronado from this great flickr account, which contains an assortment of British roadtests from ’55 on.

For a real history of the Toronado beyond one historian’s gleeful adoration of some yellowed primary source material, look no further than Ate Up With Motor‘s articles on the subject.

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