I need to get back to the East Village

I am spending too much time around nice cars.


Sitting in a Ferrari, behind the wheel of an M-car and darting around SoHo to shoot Jags and Maybachs has had a serious effect on my constitution.

I should have known that things were going wrong when I wrote that article on a ’70 Dodge Swinger. What a great car! Seeing it again heading to Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge made me wonder why I kept so much distance from it a few weeks prior.

When I stumbled upon this XKR, it all became clear: I had been toying around for too long with cars way out of my reach. I wanted to hear that supercharger whine, even for only a half block down the Bowery. Dammit! I want, no I deserve that vee-eight! Hell, what I need is a Lambo!

I loved how the late light fell on this Jaguar, filling out its broad curves and radiating along its chrome.

But honestly, I need to go find some mid-90s Fox Mustangs and do some penance for lusting after a hundred thousand dollar car.

First off, I need to get back to the East Village, where the cars are rusting and people walk. Maybe after going over that old Sentra that parks by Tompkins Square Park I won’t want some rich car like this so much.

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