What Fast Looks Like: Porsche Panamera

The irony of fast cars is that all cars spend most of their time parked and only a small portion of their lives in motion, being driven. This is only more true for fast cars, which are typically second or third cars that get driven even less than their owner’s routine grocery getter(s). To illustrate, here’s a 150+mph Porsche Panamera doing zero miles an hour for pretty much all of some sunny Saturday here on the Bowery in trendy Lower Manhattan.

Watch as it hurtles across the Autobahn at a hundred and seventy. Watch as the owner carves another curve and irons out another tire-screeching sweeper. Whoosh!

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2 Responses to What Fast Looks Like: Porsche Panamera

  1. i love the bird’s eye perspective to many of your shots- such a great compositional tool. same goes for the shots presented in tight sequence. very cool stuff.

    • Raphael Orlove says:

      bird’s eye views are definitely great, but they’re a rare treat for just finding cars on the street – it’s not often you’re to be able to ascend to the upper canopies of New York to snap a car. I need to start carrying around a ladder with my camera

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