1973-1976 Mitsubishi Lancer

Sometimes known by its internal designation, A70, this is a two-door version of the first generation Mitsubishi Lancer. Never sold in the States, but bristling with 70s JDM charm, the first-generation Lancer is an entrancing automobile. There are deeper thoughts to be had than “it’s cool,” given that it’s still in operation in spite of rusted, junkyard looks over three decades of driving recorded on the odometer, and how easily a car like this can be totaled. There is something to be said about the peculiar nature of this car’s survival on Puerto Rico, but I have little more to say on the subject than what I said in reference to an old Toyota and an older Oldsmobile. As of now, I am happy to relish in some automotive tourism, irregardless of whether I’m basking in a solid gold Lamborghini, or in a clapped-out classic like this.

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