1985 Chevrolet Celebrity


It’ll take some more research to get a full perspective on this mid-80s Chevrolet, and I won’t give a full judgement on the car until I can give some account of the company that built it, the society that bought it up by the hundreds of thousands, and the history of its travels from showroom condition to beater status. But before I start any real research, let me first praise this Celebrity as a four-wheel, four-door plain mode of transportation. If only I could get a better view into every twist and turn in this car’s history. If only I could witness every time the car changed owners and at what price and how it looked each time, or every time that the car came close to being scrapped, but the owner decided to keep the car on the road. Hundreds of thousands of Chevrolet Celebrities have been crushed for steel – what economic hardships brought this car in front of my lens as a twenty-six year old vehicle?

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3 Responses to 1985 Chevrolet Celebrity

  1. Ben Orlove says:

    What a perfect configuration of car, street, sun and photographer. It took me a while to realize how well you worked with the angle of the sun to let the shadows convey the solidity of the car.

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