International Scout

It’s a neighborhood car here in East Village, I never really felt like taking pictures of it. It was already on by the time I’d seen it for the first time back last summer. The other week I was looking for some practice, and this old Scout finally looked cool. 


And yes, there are all kinds of cool little details to latch a lens onto, and it had my head going thinking about the escapism of offroaders, of the car-ification of four-by-fours.


And I was thinking about the look of the International. Built by a farming machinery company, the aesthetic is extremely utilitarian, and looks a lot like an original Mini. It looks like the lack of styling is its styling.

But ultimately it was a beautiful spring day and a beautiful four-wheeled machine and I wholly enjoyed finding the two of them together. I might go so far to say that I saw how pretty the day was when I saw it reflected on those decades-old body panels. The sun didn’t shine onto this International Scout, the bright light shone straight out of it. Blue sky radiated from its windshield and green leaves waved out from the hood.

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  1. that lead-in pic. and the header? you have an eye…

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