1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Just up the street from that 1980 Pinto was this ’84 Olds. It looked like it was in beautiful condition, which might be expected for something charismatic like a Pinto or expensive like a Maserati, but comes across as a touch out of the ordinary for something as humdrum as a mid-sized middle class car like this Cutlass Supreme. 


On the other hand, maybe not – I’ve certainly seen more Oldsmobiles of this vintage on the streets than anything else and I get the impression that most of the Corvettes and MGs and maybe even Ferraris are looking in worse shape than this two-tone sedan. How rust-prone old low-volume are must play a part, as would their high maintenance costs. For some reason, owners of 1980s Oldmsobiles seem to keep their cars like Porsches, from what I’ve seen on the streets of Manhattan. Then again, I am getting anything but a representative survey of all cars from the 1980s still driving around, and Oldsmobiles certainly had a head start advantage over other cars given that there were orders of magnitude more Oldsmobiles coming out of factories across the country than the more eccentric, expensive, and desirable sports cars one might expect would be kept in such clean shape.

So why do I like this car? Well, it certainly gives a wonderful look at what cars were like back in 1984, like it’s a little museum exhibit on wheels. Moreover, it’s just a fine looking old car and I’m happy that someone had the wherewithal to keep it in good condition for so long. unlike the rusty, beater Chevrolet Celebrity I found a few weeks back, the lack of dents and dings on this Oldsmobile makes it appear to be more of a labor of love than of necessity.

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2 Responses to 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

  1. Mr. Smee says:

    The A/G body GMs of 1978 to 1987 were a far better car than GM intended to build or owners expected. I had a Malibu coupe equipped with F41 sport suspension, V8, 4-speed. I surprised many BMWs in the twisties and put 400,000KM on the car over 15 years. Now, well equipped coupes like mine go for up to $10,000 on ebay.

    • Raphael Orlove says:

      I must say, I do lust for a downsized Malibu with some great feeling. it seems to offer a lot for your buck when it comes to getting a fun car

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