Chevrolet Pickup on the Bowery

That’s the intersection where Kenmare becomes Delancey behind this custom 1940s Chevrolet Pickup. The Bowery Ballroom is just around the corner, and that’s the Bowery Restaurant Supply Co. putting its wares on display. What I mean to say is, one ordinary day along an ordinary street, a beautiful lowrider appeared before me. It was gleaming in the thawing March sun. I was mesmerized. You can just barely see the owners sorting out some forms through the passenger side window, but I remember them being very happy. Maybe that is just because I was so happy seeing the beaming chrome face of a postwar Chevy pickup. I used to think they were the best looking fronts of any automobile ever made, and they still strike me as handsome. My joy then, however, lay in the surprise of the car, popping out from behind a Toyota Highlander and making my day doing so.

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