1986-1989 Renault Nevada

There is something to the everyday operations of the automobile sector. Year after year, carmakers produce ordinary cars by the millions, complying with regulations and serving up the basic needs of societies around the world that support private four-wheeled transportation. One such car is this late 1980s Renault seven-seat station wagon. It is a very grey automobile.

I found it in the middle of January in Berlin, across the Spree from the East Side Gallery. It has remarkably few standout features and was built by Renault as a pretty functional vehicle for a conservative buyer. It’s not a very exiting car by the standards of car enthusiasts. It’s no Ferrari. This Renault Nevada is interesting in that it shows one face of cars that is difficult to fully conceptualize; the western world has not moved on from the Model T. Cars are still a major means of private transport, and though there are many cars built to thrill and fascinate, there is an unfathomably vast market for plain, ordinary automobiles like a straight-faced, seven-seat station wagon.

This Renault caught my eye on that thoroughly grey day in spite of its plainness, perhaps only because I was looking hard to find anything interesting to hold my interest under the low, flat sky. I was a little ashamed to take pictures of its busted wing mirrors and missing trim pieces, because I want it to be a noble thing and show it in its best light. It seemed to stand for all cars, and I am glad it was still providing its owner the comparatively cheap, convenient, and liberating service of automotive transportation.

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