Hellaflush in the Upper West Side

It wasn’t just a dropped Audi that I found back in June, but also a couple of lowered BMWs, including this import crowd Euro tuner 3-series. From the looks of things, the owner just mix matched across the BMW catalog, putting some executive class 7-series rims on this more aspirational entry-level 3er. While some automotive circles adhere strictly to the dictum of form-follows-function, I think this particularly impractical and performance-reducing set of modifications looks amazing, especially parked along a long street of unmodified, plain cars. Sometimes the aesthetics of a modified car mean less to me than the effort that went into the build, and that goes double for an everyday automobile like this BMW.

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2 Responses to Hellaflush in the Upper West Side

  1. Automobiliac says:

    That car isn’t really low enough to be considered “Hellaflush” but I can say as a fellow New Yorker that it is lowered enough to be Hellaexpensive to fix when it goes over potholes, seams, and construction plates.

    • Raphael Orlove says:

      mmm – sounds like you speak from expreience – so how much does a front airdam on a GTV6 run these days?

      and yeah, keeping a car this low in the city is definitely a stupid idea, but it’s when people put their money down for style or speed over smarts that you have an admirable car in my book.

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