1987 Mercedes-Benz SL 560

I don’t know why this Mercedes convertible has been hanging over my head for nearly a year now, but it finally strikes me as something memorable, something interesting, something worth mulling over. 

I took these pictures last December, but I couldn’t ever do more than endlessly fiddle with them in photoshop. Nothing about the car seemed right.

Its 5.6 liter engine was never sold in back in the Old Country, as the more emissions-lax Europeans got a higher-output five liter. Even though I’ve grown to be somewhat obsessive about international emissions-standards, this little bit of trivia never really held my attention, but I think I hadn’t ever appreciated the feel of this car.

Its mechanical condition stands in opposition to its fading social standing, as the car and its image age at different speeds. It all seems appropriate for a clear, cold afternoon in Manhattan, where communities and trends change much faster than the buildings, streets, and cars that make up the living city.

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1 Response to 1987 Mercedes-Benz SL 560

  1. peter says:

    maybe for his 85th he’ll take the damn thing to a car wash. those wheels!

    still, a fine example of (imho) the last of the non-cheeseball SLs — something i pondered over earlier this summer — and in a condition perfectly analogous to its surroundings. love the last photo especially.

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