Ways To Lose Money: Ferrari 348tb

Let me begin by saying there is no good reason to want a Ferrari 348. There are better, cheaper cars, and ones that don’t have the stigma of one of the world’s most embarrassing brands. 


If you buy a ’90s Ferrari, your friends will think you’re an idiot, and generally shame you for spending too much money on the most greedy car of an already greedy decade. Nothing says poor judgement and ill-gotten gains like a 1990s Ferrari.

Old Ferraris like this live almost exclusively in air conditioned garages, getting a few free weekends a year to stretch their legs, chauffeuring their midlife crisis owners to a car show.

The 348 in particular is a terrible car to buy because the contemporary NSX, what with its more advanced design and more polished road manners, is less jarring on long drives, less difficult to drive fast, and less expensive to own. Compared to cars today, the 348 is slower than a new Porsche Boxster. Not even the Boxster S. The 348 is also about as heavy as a contemporary Volvo 240 station wagon.

Still, I can’t help but lust for the Ferrari.

It’s an old-school design, skittish, nervous, fatiguing to drive. Reviewers praised its completely manual steering as not only in comparison to its contemporary rivals, but to all of Ferrari’s V8 midengined cars. They said that it is uncomfortable to sit in and to drive for longer than a couple of hours.

It is a 300 horsepower Ferrari with a manual transmission, manual steering, and a complete lack of computer-controlled

It’s also gorgeous. The front overhang is too big and it has a fat waist with those ugly strakes, but it’s not even 14 feet long, it doesn’t have cliche’d round taillights and it has the beautiful curves of a neat, old Pininfarina design.

The 348 is a very poorly remembered Ferrari, for being replaced by the much-loved Ferrari 355 and for being beaten by the NSX, a car that is currently enjoying the warm glow of today’s Ayrton Senna-worship. I want to hear the Ferrari’s V8 wailing away, though, on some dark forested road, ideally one far, far away from any McMansions or car shows.

At least buying an maintaining an old Ferrari of any kind is so ruinously expensive that I’ll never really have to live with the pains of making this fantasy real.


Photo Credits: Jason V put up these pictures on his Flickr page, showing the 348 Challenge races at Mosport in 1994 and 1995.

For Reference:

If you share some curiosity for the Ferrari 348 and you want to read some reviews, here is a classic review from CAR Magazine in 1990 of the 348tb vs. a Porsche 911, an Esprit Turbo and an NSX.

Autocar tested the 348tb back in 1990, here.

CAR Magazine tested the updated 348 in 1993 against an updated Lotus Esprit, here.

And EVO Magazine tested the new 458 Italia against the 308, the 355, the 360, the 430, and the 348, here.

Jeremy Clarkson also tested the 348 back on Old Top Gear, here.

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15 Responses to Ways To Lose Money: Ferrari 348tb

  1. Syed says:

    you don’t want a Ferrari, Raphael……because then you’ll be someone who needs a license plate like this! https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/430402_10150601404276872_145998301871_9479083_1649274861_n.jpg

  2. Nice use of my photos! I agree, BTW!

    • Raphael Orlove says:

      Hello! Welcome to Autofrei – I loved the pics and I’m glad you liked the post. And your superheroes shots were fantastic – mind if I post them?

  3. vasco says:

    True!The Ferrari 348 TB was a poorly designed car,not to mentioned the power output-cars like The Honda NSX and even my beloved Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo were better to drive and much faster…It’s a pitty that it’d cost so much back in the day!

  4. Memnoch says:

    The car isn’t nearly as embarrassing as this poorly written article .

  5. chris s says:

    ferrari 348 is the worst ferrari every made! the steel frame is worst than the tubolar frame of mondial t. Save for buy a 355 or mondial T (if if u have a family)

  6. Claudio says:

    I seriously doubt you have ever had the opportunity to drive one… Sorry for you. 🙂

  7. Eugenio says:

    I wander if the gentleman who wrote this embarassing article ever drove a 348…
    I seriously doubt it.
    I did, still do, and having owned and driven several other Ferraris I can testify first hand that what is written in the article is pure bull…t

  8. tino says:

    The jackass the wrote this article was never in to a 348 and he is jealous of those who have one.

  9. Mr.X says:

    one of the worst Ferraris ever? no offense but the writer has no idea what the 348 is all about.
    I own one and I say the 348 is a real car built with passion.
    they are going up in price, wait a few more years to see how rare they become.
    In Aus there are 15 X 355 & 24 X 360’s for sale and only 6 X 348″s. Its a drivers car, not some dumbass critique clown car.

  10. Michael Owens says:

    Dear All. I have just acquired the 348ts and I trully believe it is the best idea and buy I have ever made. Without sounding too arogant (please excuse me if I do), i could have easily afforded the f355 or the f360 yet i went for the f348ts purely for the sheer beauty and the passion of driving a real driver’s car. To me the f348 is the most beautiful ferrari made (at least in the 70’s – early 2000’s era), and I absolutely adore driving it as to me it drives as good as it looks. Its a car full of passion, immemse flare and to me the best car i have ever had. I think people will never agree on what the best model ferrari is, as the car is defined by passion that fits different personality, but at least its a brand and a car with a pegegree that deserves respect. Very poorly written and biased article indeed … But it must be the jeleaousy that explains the notion behind the letters …

  11. KaV says:

    Poor baby… Jealous? Comment of a former F1 driver: “a 348 is a gorgeous real drivers car, NSX is heavy overrated…”

  12. I had the privilege of driving one of these as a young man and I would have bought it, but instead I wasted the money on a full-time MBA (I wish I had bought the Ferrari). The best part about the car is the manual steering. This car is FUN to drive. The only downside is the insane cost of maintenance, but all Ferraris have that problem.

    I know a considerable number of people love their NSX’s, and I know guys who bought early 1990’s NSX’s and the maintenance is shockingly affordable (save for replacing the tires constantly). That said, the NSX is a practical car. It is a perfect single car for a guy in Manhattan who drives it every Sunday up the West Side highway, and appreciates reliability. The Ferrari is necessarily a boutique car, or more likely a work of functional art.

    In a perfect world I would drive a new NSX to work during the Summer, and have a 348 and a 360 for special weekend drives. Also, to those who claim this article is poorly written, it is mean to be satirical. I know this is difficult to catch for non-native English speakers, but it reads with quite a bit of humor.

  13. KaV says:

    Hey nitwit, I bought a 348tb with 13700 km on it, drove it hard for 3 years (3000 km on track and 25000 km on road), gave it the big maintenance and 2 sets of tires and can sell it now WINNING 1400€ in total… 🙂
    Great driverscar btw…

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