Sergio Perez Wins The 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix!

Driving on a set of tires recovered from last year’s race, Mexican driver Sergio Perez won this year’s Malaysian GP. Fernando Alonso came second driving a 1975 Fiat 131. His teammate Felipe Massa, driving a 2,000 horsepower Ferrari equipped with  active aerodynamics, prototype superslick tires and rocket boosters, came dead last. 


Romain Grosjean, the rookie French driver for Lotus Renault had built up what appeared to be an insurmountable 92-second lead by the second lap, when he was beamed into an alternate dimension by Caterham F1 reserve driver The Traveler while making his way through traffic.

The race had a red flag delay due to a blizzard, the eruption of a nearby volcano, and an earthquake. Even after the restart, the racers drove with extreme caution, as MechaGodzilla threatened to attack the track, shooting lightning bolts down near turn 3.

Many of the faster drivers complained about the back markers, especially team HRT. Both of their drivers stopped directly on the racing line to take naps.

When asked about his daring strategy to use year-old tires, Perez told Autofrei,

We found them in the back of the pits and they still had some tread left on them, so we bolted them to the car and they worked fantastically! A great win for me and team Sauber!

Perez’s win marks the first victory by a Mexican Formula One driver since 1846.

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3 Responses to Sergio Perez Wins The 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix!

  1. Ølholm says:


  2. Jajajaj very nice sinapsis! you should do this again!
    @Ølholm Perez is Maxican, not Spanish.

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