Fascination of the Boring: A Brown Subaru Leone Four Wheel Drive

Brown car love has to start somewhere, no? Here’s an early chapter in my personal love story. 


  When I see brown paint on a car, I imagine it in twenty, thirty years, faded, cracked, flaked, worn down to the primer.

That’s how the brown cars lived in my hometown in Northern California. They were durable old cars from the 1970s and early 1980s, and I imagine they survived for two reasons: they were pampered by their owners, or they stubbornly refused to break down, ever.

When I see a brown car I think of those dependable, durable Civics, Tercels, LTDs, Sedan De Villes.

Here’s a 1970s Subaru Leone, famous for bringing four-wheel drive cars to the States.

I found it on summer vacation from New York back in 2008. That July 6th was the first day I went out to take pictures of cars on the street. That day I found this Subaru.

Look at its mud guards!

Hazy hot summers drove me into strangers’ side yards, peeking under car covers, down overgrown driveways, down side-yards. These are where brown cars lived. It was their habitat, under dried brown fallen pine needles.

These memories, and this maybe-attainable survivor dream car of a Subaru is part of why I have a special place for brown cars.

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1 Response to Fascination of the Boring: A Brown Subaru Leone Four Wheel Drive

  1. Ronan Glon says:

    I like your fascination for odd and unloved cars! Keep up the good work.

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