Plus he wanted to show the leather and the heat in the side

One dude, named Dwight, had a car he drove on me/
Every time he rolled up see his partners roll on him/
I could tell that they didn’t like that he was driving a Benz/
Fake friends always hate when you driving to win/
Dwight picked him up, wanted to give em a ride/
Let em in the back seat, to show the feeling inside/
He ain’t tryna stunt on him, worked hard for his ride/
Plus he wanted to show the leather and the heat in the side/
They ain’t understand the grind, they just seen his ride/
So they shot him in the neck just for being inside/
They was friends for 10 years but they greedy inside/
Dwight fell out the car, he was bleedin, died/
They tried to switch the plates and the color of the Benz/
So they could stunt in front of hos, show em money that they spent/
They drove to the East Ward, for an even exchange/
When the cops pulled up, it wasn’t even exchanged/
Pull em out the stolen car with the murderous weapon/
Said you finna go to jail with a murderous blessing/

Lil B. “I Am The Hood,” 2010, Free Music: The Complete Myspace Collection (Internet, 2010).

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