A Shelby Cobra Replica In Brooklyn

I was out on a walk with my sister through my favorite neighborhood in New York, the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Industrial Business Zone (where I have found many a lovely car) and I saw this Cobra replica getting a fair bit of attention in front of the Brooklyn Brewery. 


There was a fashion shoot on the opposite sidewalk, with a lady strutting in front of some graffiti. I think they were missing a golden opportunity leaving that Cobra out of frame.

  A few foreign tourists stopped to take pictures, and just about everyone else turned their heads to look at the low, open car.

The ultra-wide transmission tunnel, the utilitarian gauges, and the wood wheel must have caught a lot of eyes.

The light on the humid day was fantastic. Watching the shadows diffuse over the car was well worth soaking in sweat for.

And while I’m no fan of these overpowered big-block Cobras with their bulbous fenders and fish mouths, this one looked beautiful, especially along the flanks. Maybe I’ll warm to it like I did the XKE? I doubt it.

Still, a lovely find, and a car loved by all.

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