Passing A 246 Dino

I wasn’t  huge fan of Ferrari’s first midengined sports car when I first saw it. The curved rear glass was cool, I gave it that, but the lines lacked the tension that I saw in things like the Maserati Bora or prewar Delages. They just didn’t do it for me when I was first discovering cars and truth be told, they don’t really do it for me now.

But to spend a morning tailing one on backroads has left an impression on me. I don’t just mean that I haven’t forgotten how my throat burned sucking in all of the blue clouds of burnt oil.

I mean that the car, when it’s flowing over a road and disappearing like a little red light around a corner, looks like it’s on another level of car design. It beams out auras of its price tag, sure, but it also reminds you that it was represents the peak of engineering in its time. And it has a kind of grace the whole time. For a few moments, you’re near it and you feel privileged.

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