The Baja Out In A Red Hook Sunset

like meeting an old friendThe Baja continues to draw me around in a circle. I have bought a car that is just like one that I would stop and photograph were I to see it parked on the street. Yesterday, I parked my car on the street and took pictures of it. This time I drove the car away, rather than just walk or bike off, when I would only to pour over the pictures later. 


looking to the sunset looking to the sunsetdat stance

There were two people who inspired me to start taking pictures of cars on the street. One was a writer for Jalopnik, who took pictures of car in Alameda, CA. The other was a Jalopnik reader, who posted pictures of cars he saw parked in NYC. I felt close to the cars shot in Alameda because the cars, the light, the scenes, the atmosphere was all just like my home town just an hour inland from the Bay.


The pictures in NYC struck me because I was just moving to Manhattan to start college. I was always proud when I could find a car on the street that had been spotted by that Jalopnik reader. One car he posted a picture of I never thought I would see myself. It was a 1953 Willys Jeep, parked on an unnamed street in a neighborhood of Brooklyn I’d never even heard of.

so eine NY Szene

Just yesterday I went out to that neighborhood. I happened upon the very same Willys by chance. I took a picture of it, only this time I parked my car right next to it.


I haven’t quite figured out exactly what kind of effect this car is working on me, but it makes my head spin the more I think about it. Well, maybe that’s just the gasoline fumes in the cabin.


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2 Responses to The Baja Out In A Red Hook Sunset

  1. Arpit Rathi says:

    loads of vintage cars here in Chennai (India) and willys is quite a common scene ! but your ride does look amazing !!

  2. Love your Baja and your photography. I owned several Beetles way back…they get under your skin. And donuts in the snow….or better yet, a frozen lake. Used to take mine out on a lake at 45 mph or more, yank the handbrake and cock the steering wheel simultaneoulsly; the result is very similar to riding on a Tilt-A-Whirl amusement park ride.

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