The Baja, Snow, Oversteer

joy, writ out in frozen dirtThe sun is going down, I’m heading back to New York from running a few empty roads out in the Fahnestock and I see an empty, snow-covered parking lot. This is where I experience bliss. 


Oh, the dirt splashed on the side!Donuts, drifts, powerslides. The front washes wide in the snow aiming for a bank of shrubs. I press deeper on the gas and the back swings around, and I’m going back up the hill. The steering is slow and I’m scrambling to get the wheel cranked over the other way, but as the back transitions it almost feels graceful.

pleasureIn one afternoon, I finally take the Baja onto the dirt, I find out what it feels like to skid off the road (those two are very much related), I find out what it’s like to finally drive this road, and I get to make my first successful batch of donuts.

The best drive I’ve had in years.

Sunset over DonutsI call this one, “Sunset over Donuts.”

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3 Responses to The Baja, Snow, Oversteer

  1. A post after my own heart. Solitary winter hooning is indeed bliss.

  2. jbh says:

    Fahnestock you say! Per chance on 301? One of my favorites for sure. I’m very familiar with the area.

    • Raphael Orlove says:

      I definitely did drive the 301, but my main driving road was Dennytown Road leading south about halfway between Cold Spring and the Taconic. This was all shot right off of Dennytown. The dirt road I took was Indian Brook road, going past the Taconic outdoor education center.

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