Winter Hoonage with the Baja

snow still fallingAs the snowstorm hit Friday night, the Jalopnik staff piled into a rear-drive press Cadillac ATS, our intern hitched a ride with me in the Baja, and we took the half-plowed roads through Jersey to the Meadowlands.

The Baja very much justified itself as a winter hoonage machine.

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4 Responses to Winter Hoonage with the Baja

  1. I was there earlier in the day 🙂
    It should have been more fun— but I need better tires.

    • Raphael Orlove says:

      No way! I got there around four thirty, five.

      And yeah, surprisingly the most fun part wasn’t just the sliding, but the moments when the Baja would hook up and go.

  2. Last year:

    Fresh snow tires (and snow), so that was a lot of fun.

  3. Ben Orlove says:

    wonderful light. the bits of red are terrific

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