black and white with color adjustment and exposure adjustment exposure adjustment and color adjustment color adjustment/no exposure adjustment black and white no exposure adjustment/no color adjustmentI’ve been playing around with how I edit my pictures and I’ve been liking the results. I set the photos to black and white, adjust the exposure, return them to full color, and then adjust the color balance to not look too extreme.

Here are four treatments of the last shot I grabbed at amateur drifting at Englishtown, NJ yesterday, just as the sun was starting to drop.

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5 Responses to d-d-d-d-dorifftooo

  1. pj134 says:

    Do you have a full photo dump from the day anywhere?

  2. pj134 says:

    You know its a great scene when you have to clarify which purple and teal car you’re talking about. 😀

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