A Blue Montreal At The Greenwich Concours

dat faceI wouldn’t ever want to own an Alfa Romeo Montreal (if I was going to get  stylish 1970s GT car, I’d build a restomod first-gen Pontiac Grand Am like this one), but man do these Italian coupes look fantastic. 


And you never, ever, ever see them in light blue, one of my favorite car colors.

so pretty

classic interior I die every time I see these vents

This was at the parking lot for the Greenwich Concours D’Elegance a half hour up from the city in Connecticut, way in the back.

can you ID all the best cars?

You could make a case for the parking lot at the Greenwich Concours being better than the show itself. You know for a fact that all the cars in the parking lot get properly driven, and you get to contrast the classic car design with what’s new on the roads today.

pretty highlander, right?

It was fantastic to see this Montreal parked next to a new Toyota. Sure makes the Highlander look good, right?

And it was cool to contrast the Alfa to the last-generation BMW M3 parked on the other side. The cars have such similar intentions, and end up looking so different. That’s a couple decades of automotive design for you.

these rotate all the way down

I was just happy to see that sunken-eyed stare I know from reading old books on Italian cars back in high school. I’d read them hiding in the air-conditioned library down the street from me on hot Northern Californian summer days.

I see myself when I stare into that NACA ductIt was nice to get out on this hot summer day and see the real thing.

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1 Response to A Blue Montreal At The Greenwich Concours

  1. Ben says:

    Did the blonde woman wear a blue dress, knowing that she would be near blue cars?

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