Bear Mountain in a 2014 Corvette

one look and we knew: burnoutsThere is a very typical kind of drive for New York City sports car owners. Here’s how it goes, from the wheel of a 2014 Corvette.


elevated linesYou make your way slowly out of the city, picking up stares as you park for coffee.

they fry their hot dogs

You find some charming lunch spot in one of the endless sprawl of outer small towns.

Palisades Park

You wind along the Hudson.

many speeds, such wow

You head further north, first through the parkways, then into proper driving roads.

out near Bear Mountain

Quick downshifts into corners, charging upshifts out of them.

farther from the city than we thought

You glance at clearings in the roadside trees for valley views.

out in some bird sanctuary

Some quiet somewhere compels you to stop for a breather.

sky! what a novelty

Seeing the sky is a novelty.

an emblem like a 1990 Caprice, or a '59 ImpalaThe light starts to fade, and you think about heading home.

nearby derelict gypsum plant not pictured

You get lost in New York’s string of little rust belt towns.

a full day

And you finally cruise back south, slipping through bridges and toll booths until you’re in the city once more.

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2 Responses to Bear Mountain in a 2014 Corvette

  1. Hiram’s deep-fried hot dogs.. awesome.

    • Raphael Orlove says:

      I’ve been riding past that place for maybe my whole life going to my grandma’s building up the road, can’t believe I only ate there for the first time last week.

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