I Found A Streetparked Baja Bug!

streetparked bajaSomebody has an old Baja Bug in the city, and they parked it on my block! 

This thing looked a little ratty, but super cool.

IMG_4723aI’m not normally into headlight covers, but the little ones on this Baja are cool. I love the one side being rusty and the other not. I wonder if it was parked halfway under a cover for a while.

IMG_4721bCute stickers on the back. Wouldn’t want to be pulled over in this thing.

IMG_4729aThe body’s a little rough. It could use a little help in this rust patch. No surprise, though, given that whoever owns this old VW is driving it around in the snow and salt.

IMG_4724aSo cool that the engine sticks all the way out of the car! And I dig the tiny skidplate.

IMG_4725aThe fake Cadillac lights and the tow hitch are hilarious.

IMG_4726aI have no idea what’s going on with this motor.

IMG_4730aIt’s amazing how bizarre this car looks in comparison to everything else on the street.

What I would give to have a car like this.

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2 Responses to I Found A Streetparked Baja Bug!

  1. Oh man. You should buy that thing! Buy it now and take it for a spin up north. Heard there’s an awesome route through Fahnestock State Park.

  2. Nunya says:

    That’s totally Raphael Orlove’s car! It shows up on Jalopnik from time to time–very nifty!

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