Miami Yellow Lamborghini In Brooklyn

IMG_7877bA Miami-yellow Lamborghini Gallardo materialized in Brooklyn today, complete with a bodykit and some new wheels. 


The car seemed neatly squad’d up with a Nissan GT-R, a chrome-wrapped Audi R8, and a lifted Jeep. It looked like Hollywood Stuntz had made an appearance on Smith Street. It’s a neat little corner there, in that Boerum/Cobble/Carroll zone between Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope. I like it there because there’s a great Yemini cafe upstairs in a brownstone around the corner on Atlantic, across from a good spot to get some pistachios and za’atar.


While I got some pictures, a family swarmed the car, the young mom with her extended family visiting was the most excited of all. She beamed, pointing out the engine to a son who was equally happy to declare the Lambo “a successful person’s car.” The mom was just surprised to see it.


“What is this,” she smiled in the unseasonably warm evening. “Miami?”


I couldn’t figure out why the car felt so at place on the buzzy Brooklyn street.

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