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Porsche Cayman GT4 And Boys, West 17th Street

There’s gotta be some joke here about boys and their toys. Don’t feel like making it. 

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Engine Swap On The Street, Ditmas Park

Bumped into a bunch of dudes just getting a fresh Chevy small block into their AWD Astro van, right on the street in Ditmas Park. 

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BMW M6 On The Upper West Side

My eye got caught by an M6 GranCoupe out on my old block. And a pigeon along with it.

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Miami Yellow Lamborghini In Brooklyn

A Miami-yellow Lamborghini Gallardo materialized in Brooklyn today, complete with a bodykit and some new wheels. 

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Just A Normal City Car

Here’s a 1977 Dodge pickup, looks like an ex-military truck, parked on Fifth Ave. Looks like a city car to me.

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Around The Corner

I’m not sure why this ugly not-a-Honda-Accord caught my eye, but it did. Something about the light, maybe.  

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I found this Dodge Coronet 440 streetparked in some state of repair and/or sale out on Coney Island Avenue the other day. The classics are still out there.

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I Found A Streetparked Baja Bug!

Somebody has an old Baja Bug in the city, and they parked it on my block! 

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The 2015 Mustang Finds Itself On The UWS’ Sketchiest Corner

“Pretty car,” she said turning away. “For now.” 

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The Baja is itching for more dirt. It just needs a new pushrod tube, and a skidplate, and maybe new suspension bushings, and maybe that shift linkage linkage I was supposed to do ages ago. You know, nothing serious.

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