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Autofrei Verlag: From Nightclubs to Retirement Homes

If I’m going to spend my day reading up on the inane and somewhat trivial development of Scion from a much-touted youth brand to a car bought principally by the elderly, why not get published? Moreover, if I spend my … Continue reading

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Autofrei Verlag, Pt.2: Von IFA Zum Mercedes

Coming to a bookstore near you!*¬†It reads “From IFA (East Germany’s state-controlled work-truck manufacturer) to Mercedes: Automobile Manufacturing in Brandenburg (the state surrounding Berlin) through the Fall of Communism” Mensch u. Buch Verlag is a publishing house I like in … Continue reading


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Autofrei Verlag, Pt.1: The Economies of Used Cars

Modeled off of the Automobiliac’s The Automobiliac Proposes¬†series, Autofrei is beginning its own series of propositions/fantasies in an imaginary collection of books written by yours truly. Starting us off is a look into the decision making processes of classic car … Continue reading

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