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Flecks Of Snow In A Piaggio Ape

On a lonely, monotonous street in Berlin winter of ’10, I found this fantastic little Piaggio Ape. Its metal truck bed kept the smallest beads of snow cold and preserved. I think it touched me profoundly, somehow.

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Autobahnkourier spielt Citycar

The ultimate highway cruiser: belly-scraping chassis for fuel-saving aerodynamics, aluminum construction for light weight, and a twin-turbo V10 for efficiency and power. 

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Do You Want To Go To Pluto?

I do too. This Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT would take me there. 

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Lancia Delta Integrale HF

Dieser Lancia hat in meiner Kiez gewohnt. Ich habe es so oft gesehen, während der letzten paar Monaten meines Austauschjahr habe ich ihn noch nicht mehr fotografiert.   In Amerika findet man keine Lancias auf der Straβe. Einfach bleiben keine Italienischen Strassenversionen … Continue reading

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1989-1993 Nissan Micra

The K10 generation of Micra is somewhat interesting in that it supplied the bones for the Japanese retro-future hits, the Nissan Pao and Nissan Figaro. This Micra you see on a cold January evening in Berlin, however, does not have … Continue reading

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Mazda Bongo!

From 1995 to 2005, Mazda built and sold an eight seater van. It was boxy and conservative. What did Mazda name this vehicle? The Bongo Friendee! Hooray for cheerfulness! The blue van you see in these pictures is not a … Continue reading

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Opel Ascona and BMW E30

If we’re gonna take a look at what Americans are doing customizing American cars, let’s take a quick look at what the Germans are doing with German cars. Take a tour of Berlin, visit it for a few days, wander … Continue reading

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Berlin By Car

From the stoic, neoclassical columns of the Museum Insel to the graffiti-covered TOAD factories in Friedrichshain, Berlin puts a lot of its history on display. New waves of architectural expression flow through the city with every political Wende, cultural movement, … Continue reading

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1986-1989 Renault Nevada

There is something to the everyday operations of the automobile sector. Year after year, carmakers produce ordinary cars by the millions, complying with regulations and serving up the basic needs of societies around the world that support private four-wheeled transportation. … Continue reading

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Autofrei Verlag, Pt.2: Von IFA Zum Mercedes

Coming to a bookstore near you!* It reads “From IFA (East Germany’s state-controlled work-truck manufacturer) to Mercedes: Automobile Manufacturing in Brandenburg (the state surrounding Berlin) through the Fall of Communism” Mensch u. Buch Verlag is a publishing house I like in … Continue reading

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