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Berlin By Car

From the stoic, neoclassical columns of the Museum Insel to the graffiti-covered TOAD factories in Friedrichshain, Berlin puts a lot of its history on display. New waves of architectural expression flow through the city with every political Wende, cultural movement, … Continue reading

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1986-1989 Renault Nevada

There is something to the everyday operations of the automobile sector. Year after year, carmakers produce ordinary cars by the millions, complying with regulations and serving up the basic needs of societies around the world that support private four-wheeled transportation. … Continue reading

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Autofrei Verlag, Pt.2: Von IFA Zum Mercedes

Coming to a bookstore near you!* It reads “From IFA (East Germany’s state-controlled work-truck manufacturer) to Mercedes: Automobile Manufacturing in Brandenburg (the state surrounding Berlin) through the Fall of Communism” Mensch u. Buch Verlag is a publishing house I like in … Continue reading

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1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS 454

One of the most common ways to define a car is by its country of origin, and the world readily acknowledges that American cars, Japanese cars, German cars, Korean cars are categories defined by the national home of a particular … Continue reading

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Robur LO (3000? 3001? 2501?)

General Motors has basically spoiled me forever. I expect a single car model to change some aspect of its styling every year or so, making pinning down a specific car by make, model, and year to be an easy task. … Continue reading

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1976-1983 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Rally Car

   Noch ein schönes Auto aus meiner kürzen nordlichen Reisen, diesmal nach Wedding statt Prenzl Berg – ein echter amateur rally car! Ein Alfa noch dazu! 

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Renault Avantime and the Banal

The other night I was walking home late through the East Village and parked all alone on Second Avenue by St. Mark’s Place was a bright red drop-top early-2000s Corvette. There wasn’t another car on the whole block. None of … Continue reading

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