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Pontiac Trans Am, Davis California out on that street behind Murder Burger, Spring 2012

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The First View Of The Central Valley

This is the first view you get of the whole Central Valley, driving north from LA. It is blanketed in haze in the summer, when two elementary school friends and I drove from New York to our hometown not far … Continue reading

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Nostalgic Hero, Found On Google Street View

While I’m poking around one of my favorite old Davis neighborhoods, in my high school graduation summer of 2007, as preserved by Google Street View, I find this. I must have been in Berlin while this picture was taken, because how … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know This Mustang

You can’t tell that the car under the cover in this Google Street View shot is a Mustang, but I do. I know because I biked and walked past this car for years and shot it myself in the winter … Continue reading

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Buying a Baja Bug: Part 1

Here’s the Baja Bug that used to live near my old house in my home town. It was right on the way I would bike downtown, on a bit of a side street and when I first saw it, the … Continue reading

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An Edsel Ranger

I still remember the day in 2008 when I saw an Edsel, this Edsel for the first time. July. A Central Valley car in a Central Valley heat.

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1980 Chevrolet C/K Pickup, California

This is a 1980 Chevrolet C/K Pickup. It has none of the qualities I look for in a car. It isn’t small, it isn’t light, and it doesn’t handle. I love it anyway. 

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