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Bear Mountain in a 2014 Corvette

There is a very typical kind of drive for New York City sports car owners. Here’s how it goes, from the wheel of a 2014 Corvette.

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The Baja Bug goes to Willets Point

After seeing this story on ScoutingNY and then this one in the NYT, I decided to take the Baja to the post-apocalyptic, soon-to-be-demolished Willets Point to get a cracked wheel welded. It was as bizarre an outing as I’d had … Continue reading

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Fascination of the Boring: 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT

The US car market is possibly the best in the world, but we’re always griping that we don’t get the high-quality family hatchbacks that are so common in Europe. Strangely enough, we do get the Euro-spec Elantra GT is, and … Continue reading

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Fascination of the Boring: 2014 Corolla

I am on a quest. I am looking to find a link between the 2014 Corolla (and by extension the 2018 Corolla, or the 2020 Corolla) and the 2003 model year Corolla. It’s a stretch, and I may only claw … Continue reading

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The Maserati Solstice V8

I don’t know why, but I can’t shake the feeling that a Pontiac Solstice with an LS V8 is like the baby Maserati that we never got. 

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I’ve been playing around with how I edit my pictures and I’ve been liking the results. I set the photos to black and white, adjust the exposure, return them to full color, and then adjust the color balance to not … Continue reading

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Fascination of the Boring: the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

There is no more middle-of-the-road, uninspiring, uninspired kind of car on the roads today than the midsize crossover. Particularly bland is the Hyundai Santa Fe. Why can’t I take my eyes off of it? 

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