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Flecks Of Snow In A Piaggio Ape

On a lonely, monotonous street in Berlin winter of ’10, I found this fantastic little Piaggio Ape. Its metal truck bed kept the smallest beads of snow cold and preserved. I think it touched me profoundly, somehow.

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1980 Chevrolet C/K Pickup, California

This is a 1980 Chevrolet C/K Pickup. It has none of the qualities I look for in a car. It isn’t small, it isn’t light, and it doesn’t handle. I love it anyway. 

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On The Road In A Dino 208 GT4

Manhattan opened up ahead of us as we swept down from the George Washington Bridge in his Alfa GTV6. We were worn out from driving, and tired of looking through the windshield, no matter how beautiful the view. Why was … Continue reading

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Sergio Perez Wins The 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix!

Driving on a set of tires recovered from last year’s race, Mexican driver Sergio Perez won this year’s Malaysian GP. Fernando Alonso came second driving a 1975 Fiat 131. His teammate Felipe Massa, driving a 2,000 horsepower Ferrari equipped with … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide To The World Rally Championship: Rallye Monte Carlo

I’ve always wanted to watch rallying. Everything I want is there: awesomely fast cars built from cars you can buy at a dealership, epic roads, monster speed and massive oversteer at every corner. But every year I don’t watch because … Continue reading

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Meet The Ford GT40’s Forgotten Stepsister

The Ford GT40, with its four consecutive wins at Le Mans, is one of the most famous racing cars of all time. The man who helped design the GT40, the man who brought home the last two Le Mans wins … Continue reading

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Aborigines Show You How To Fix Your Radiator

This is a clip from the aborigine-produced Australian show Bush Mechanics. Combining the long distances of the Outback, its desert-facilitated, long-lasting, simple old cars, and a propensity for litter on the side of the road, the Bush mechanics manage to … Continue reading

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Dream Car Comparo: Zenvo ST1 and Checker Marathon

      Here are two cars purporting to be dream machines, but which one has more of that mystical fantasy magic, a $1.85 million Danish supercar, or a retired Checker Marathon?

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Autofrei Fahrbericht: 2012 Jaguar XKR Convertible

Welcome to what might just be the least professional road test out there. There will be no opinions from seasoned automotive writers; this is what happens when you give a complete amateur 510 horsepower. Warning: This post contains a great … Continue reading

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1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS 454

One of the most common ways to define a car is by its country of origin, and the world readily acknowledges that American cars, Japanese cars, German cars, Korean cars are categories defined by the national home of a particular … Continue reading

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