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The Last Ringmeisters: the Fastest Race Ever Held On The Nürburgring

The 1983 1000 Kilometers of the Nürburgring was the last time prototypes raced Germany’s legendary 12.9-mile circuit. This hour-long video covers that event, ultimately the fastest race ever held on the Nordschleife. 

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Meet The Ford GT40’s Forgotten Stepsister

The Ford GT40, with its four consecutive wins at Le Mans, is one of the most famous racing cars of all time. The man who helped design the GT40, the man who brought home the last two Le Mans wins … Continue reading

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Autofrei Verlag: From Nightclubs to Retirement Homes

If I’m going to spend my day reading up on the inane and somewhat trivial development of Scion from a much-touted youth brand to a car bought principally by the elderly, why not get published? Moreover, if I spend my … Continue reading

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Richard Arbib’s The History of Automobile Styling

Richard Arbib, a prominent stylist for GM, Packard, and AMC, taught a beginners course on automotive styling to returning GIs at the Detroit Institute of Automobile Styling from ’45-’49. The following text, “The History of Automobile Styling”, was written by Arbib, … Continue reading


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Tadanori Yokoo’s 1968 Mazda Cosmo Brochure

Japanese pop artist Tadanori Yokoo penned the sales brochure for the 1968 Mazda 110s, also known as the Cosmo, and here it is in all of its pop art majesty.

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Berlin By Car

From the stoic, neoclassical columns of the Museum Insel to the graffiti-covered TOAD factories in Friedrichshain, Berlin puts a lot of its history on display. New waves of architectural expression flow through the city with every political Wende, cultural movement, … Continue reading

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Autofrei Verlag, Pt.2: Von IFA Zum Mercedes

Coming to a bookstore near you!* It reads “From IFA (East Germany’s state-controlled work-truck manufacturer) to Mercedes: Automobile Manufacturing in Brandenburg (the state surrounding Berlin) through the Fall of Communism” Mensch u. Buch Verlag is a publishing house I like in … Continue reading

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Damn You Grandpa Car: 1983 Mercedes-Benz SEC

Mercedes-Benz, you were a top of the line personal luxury status symbol, and I want you, you unattainable piece of crap. 

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1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS 454

One of the most common ways to define a car is by its country of origin, and the world readily acknowledges that American cars, Japanese cars, German cars, Korean cars are categories defined by the national home of a particular … Continue reading

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So You Want To Know The Germans

Then let’s start with standard definition.

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