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That lovable (not V8) drift Solstice, running the back course at Englishtown, spring of 2013. The new season starts this weekend.

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Mercedes S-Class

The new Sonderklasse, shot on Bond for an upcoming Jalopnik review. Worship at the three-pointed star continues.

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Parked Fiat 500

There’s something about parked cars, the way that the world sort of flows around them. The longer you watch, the more serene and alive they appear.

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Oldsmobile and Audi, Florida

Before setting off on a road trip from Sebring to Daytona to Road Atlanta to VIR to New York City, the Audi lined up with an Oldsmobile in Nowhere, Florida.

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Pontiac Trans Am, Davis California out on that street behind Murder Burger, Spring 2012

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The Current State Of My Car

Excuse me for being a little proud, but I can’t help but feel like the Baja is looking like the beautifulest bitch ever. I think I’m gonna keep the blue wheels up front alone rather than go blue all around, … Continue reading

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I Drove This

This is Formula Drift 2009 champion Chris Forsberg’s beater missile drift car. It’s about 2400 pounds, it’s got something north of 300 horsepower, and I learned (kinda) how to drift on it. It’s been a good week.

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A little junk car lot out in Brooklyn over the summer.

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Vents on a ’60s Mustang fastback, Alphabet City, November 2008.

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Bear Mountain in a 2014 Corvette

There is a very typical kind of drive for New York City sports car owners. Here’s how it goes, from the wheel of a 2014 Corvette.

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