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A Simple Definition of Luxury Automobiles

Luxury automobiles are often categorized by their gadgetry, their power, their on-road presence, their comfort, or the hard-to-pin-down quality of inexhaustible ability; to never appear flustered in a journey, to always have more suspension or throttle travel than the driver could ever … Continue reading

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1973 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and 1979 Lady D

The Cadillac, from the perhaps bittersweet year of 1973, was taken on East 13th Street. The song, “Lady D” as performed by Lady D herself comes from 1979 and was taken from the peerless Last Days Of Man On Earth. … Continue reading

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Volkswagen’s Turnaround in the 1970s

Writing history and history itself are closely linked to sources. What kinds of sources are available to the researcher define the researcher’s product. One story of the behind-the-scenes work at Volkswagen as they prepared their vehicular savior, the Golf, caught … Continue reading

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What the Regulatory Process Looked Like

I am often going on about ‘regulatory dramas’ or legislative stories from the 1970s or whatnot. In a 1984 presentation, Dieter Drabiniok (a founding member of the German Green Party and was of the first Green politicians to be member … Continue reading

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New Yorker review of MOMA’s 1953 show ‘Ten Automobiles’

Let’s indulge in a little snooty snarkiness of 1950s New York for a moment with the New Yorker‘s review of the now-famous MOMA exhibition “Ten Automobiles’. The show now has a reputation as one of the defining moments in the … Continue reading

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Was sind die Momente, in denen alles komisch scheint?

[Archaïscher Torso Apollos]

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Die Maschine ist kein Motor der Geschichte

Die Maschine ist kein Motor der Geschichte; aber um bestimmte Technologien kristallisieren sich ökonomiche Machtstrukturen, soziale Mentalitäten, technische Communities.¹ Aus Technik in Deutschland von Joachim Radkau. Diese und noch eine aus der selben Seite sind zwei meiner liebsten Zitate über Technologie.

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