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There’s Something About Auto Illustrations

Michael Banovsky is getting me hooked on these things. From

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Ways To Lose Money: Ferrari 348tb

Let me begin by saying there is no good reason to want a Ferrari 348. There are better, cheaper cars, and ones that don’t have the stigma of one of the world’s most embarrassing brands. 

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Autofrei Fahrbericht: 2012 Jaguar XKR Convertible, Take 2

Looking at my bank statement, I knew that if I crashed this Jaguar, totaling the car would represent a greater financial loss than my death. This made me sad, but it helped me figure out what’s the point of this … Continue reading

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Ways to Lose Money: the 1994-1997 Toyota Tercel

I don’t know what screws I have loose, but I can’t help but find these mid-’90s Tercels handsome. They represent the last of the line for Tercels in America, and these pre-1998-facelift coupes strike me as somehow gorgeous. 

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Tadanori Yokoo’s 1968 Mazda Cosmo Brochure

Japanese pop artist Tadanori Yokoo penned the sales brochure for the 1968 Mazda 110s, also known as the Cosmo, and here it is in all of its pop art majesty.

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Air Jordans hanging out of the Lambo

One of the joys of loving cars is that every time I see something amazing, it brightens my day – zB the other day, I stepped out onto Lexington Ave on the Upper East Side and an orange Murcielago cruised … Continue reading

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Lost in a Ford GT

   Shouts out to evillcarblog and, I found a Ford GT on East 7th street.

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Jaguar XKR

On Bowery, just south of Houston, sometime around six.

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There is a problem with car reviews of fast, expensive cars. Either you get a cold, clinical, rational look at something you’ll never be able to drive or own, or you get what is basically an automotive penthouse letter.

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Gestalt of 1978

One of my favorite internet videos, a hazy triple-digit drive through the Belgian forest by Niki Lauda. The sound, the fog, the way you can see how the car moves around under power. Lauda was undoubtedly a great driver, and … Continue reading

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